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Coming Soon for
Spring 2024

This features what will be coming soon to Sophie Villarreal's portfolio and the release date for each of the projects!

coffee with strangers.png

January 2024

Coffee with Strangers Season Two (15 Episodes)

Season 2 of Coffee with Strangers will debut in January 2023 and will have 15 episodes! Last season we stayed within the Bryan and College Station area, so this upcoming season we are looking to expand!

January 2024

FEAR: Photoshoot

Fear follows what your inner nightmares visually feel like in your head. This will involve distortions and several layers of editing to tell this disturbing story. 

Black and White Nightmare Artwork for Metal  Logo Design.png
Next Time (1).png

February 2024

Next Time: Short Film

Next Time follows a teenage girl struggling to balance her school life while recovering from death and battling what it means to take control of her life. 

March 2024

Man in the Mirror

Man in the Mirror is inspired by men struggling with masculinity and leaning towards femininity and what that visually looks like for different men. 

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